Jalebi Aisha (Rhea Chkraborty) is a young author and an aspiring, self-sufficient woman hailing from Mumbai who travels to Delhi in order to conduct research for her upcoming book. Dev (Varun Mtra) is an experienced local guide is the person she adores. He proposes to her, and they get married. Aisha finds out she’s expecting after just a couple of months. Dev is extremely happy however, Aisha isn’t so sure as she isn’t ready for become a mother. Dev convinces Aisha and they both settle in a state of bliss. They call Disha their daughter, which is a portmanteau of Dev’s and Aisha’s names.

Aisha is suffering from an miscarriage and Dev’s mother blames Aisha. Aisha is embarrassed and irritated and decides to leave Dev. Dev and his family try to take her home a couple of days later, but she is unable to accept. Dev wants to visit him in Kashmir in case she truly loves him. However, he doesn’t.

Seven years after, Aisha plans her second wedding, as she remains in love with and in love with Dev. She confronts her issues and travels to Delhi. She encounters Anu an Indian woman as well as her daughter Pulti during her travels. It is revealed that Anu is the second wife of Dev. On the same train, she also gets to meet Dev. She thinks about the relationship she has with Dev on the train journey. She realizes that Pulti is actually Disha and is furious over Dev for telling her that. Anu informs her that Pulti wasn’t Dev’s child and was in fact the mother of Anu. Dev lifted Pulti when he first saw her. Prior to marriage, he was adamant about one requirement: she was given the name Disha.

Dev’s station can be reached via the train. Anu expressed her gratitude to Aisha for letting Dev to her and informed her that Aisha was Dev’s first wife and his love. Dev takes the train. Anu encourages Dev, but to be honest with Aisha the truth. He had seen her in Kashmir the day before and realized that she was not satisfied with his choices. He wishes for her to be happy and live her dream. His life is distinct from hers. He claims that this is the reason that he was so stressed out in the divorce proceedings and was perceived as a negative individual to her. He also informed her that he’d many times read her book. They hugged and wept together. She added that even though their paths may differ but their bond is in place. Dev tells Aisha that they’ll wait until the next book she writes, and that they’ll part ways to live two lives, with two distinct destiny. Jalebi HD

Dev finds Aisha’s book Jalebi one year later. It’s a story of their romance.