The Aviator (2004) บิน รัก บันลือโลก

The Aviator In Houston in 1913, his 8-year-old Howard Hughes gets an ice bath and is taught how spell “quarantine”. The girl also warns him about the recent Cholera outbreak in Houston. In 1927, he directs his film Hell’s Angels and recruits Noah Dietrich as his assistant to manage the daily operations of his business empire. After the release of The Jazz Singer the first film that was partially symbiotic, Hughes becomes obsessed with shooting his film realistically, and decides to change the movie to a sound film. Hughes isn’t satisfied with the finished product even though the film was a success. He requests that the film be recut following the Hollywood premiere. He is romantically involved with actress Katharine Hepburn who assists him to alleviate the symptoms of his worsening obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).The Aviator HD

In 1935, Hughes test flies the H-1 Racer in 1935, and then pushes it to record speeds, despite having to crash-land in a field of beets when the aircraft ran out of fuel. Three years later, he breaks the record for fastest flight in the world by traveling around the globe in just four days. He then purchases the majority stake in Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA). Juan Trippe, company rival and chairman of Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) is able to convince his crony, Senator Owen Brewster, to introduce the Community Airline Bill, which would give Pan Am exclusivity on international air travel. Hepburn gets bored of Hughes his eccentricity, workaholicism and bizarre behavior, and decides to leave him for fellow actor Spencer Tracy. Hughes quickly finds his new love interest in the 15 year old Faith Domergue and later, actress Ava Gardner. He has feelings for Hepburn, and bribes a reporter to keep reports about her and the married Tracy off the news.

In the late 1940s, Hughes contract two projects in cooperation with the Army Air Forces in the mid-1940s, one of which was an aircraft that could be used as a spy aircraft and the other for a troop transport vehicle to be used in World War II. In 1947 With the H-4 Hercules flying boat still in construction, Hughes finishes the XF-11 reconnaissance aircraft and then takes it on the first test flight. Hughes is severely injured when the engine explodes during flight. Hughes continues to work on the H-4 Hercules by using his own funds, however the army cancels the purchase. Dietrich informs Hughes that he will have to decide between funding the airlines or his flying boat. Hughes orders Dietrich to loan the TWA assets so he can carry on the development.

As Hughes’ OCD worsens, Hughes becomes increasingly paranoid placing microphones in his home and tapping Gardner’s telephone lines to monitor her, until she kicks him out of her house. The FBI searched Hughes’ house in search for evidence of war-related profiteering. Hughes was shocked to discover that dirt had been tracked through his home. Hughes declines to offer TWA to Hughes Brewster, and Brewster proposes to reduce the charges. Hughes suffers from severe OCD symptoms and is forced to retreat to an “germ-free” area for three months. Trippe calls Brewster to Hughes to testify in a Senate investigation. Brewster is sure Hughes won’t show up. Gardner comes to visit him personally and grooms and dresses him to prepare for his hearing. He invites her to marry him, and she just smiles and tells him that he is “too insane” for her.

An invigorated Hughes defends himself against Brewster’s charges and charges the Senator with taking the bribes offered by Trippe. Hughes concludes by announcing that he will commit to finishing the H-4 aircraft, and that he’ll be leaving the country if he can’t get it to fly. The bill is defeated. After the plane is successfully flown, Hughes talks with Dietrich and his engineer Glenn Odekirk about a new TWA jetliner. He begins to experience a recurring vision of men in suits that are resistant to germs and has an panic attack. As Odekirk locks him up in a restroom while Dietrich takes him to a doctor, Hughes starts to recall flashbacks of his childhood and his passion for flying and his ambition for success by constantly repeating the phrase, “the way of the future”.